MVA Furnace Transformer Malfunction Solution

When there is an issue with a furnace transformer, Wells Engineering is there to analyze the situation.

One of our outstanding engineers took a road trip up to a tube production plant in Koppel, Pennsylvania to diagnose an issue the plant was having with a furnace transformer.

Our field engineer said during his visit he installed power quality monitors in the switchyard control house. Officials said a large furnace transformer, which actually supplies around 50 million watts of heat, has been unreliable. Wells Engineering’s mission was to gather hard data and diagnose the issues with the transformer.


One monitor was installed at the input to the transformer feeding the furnace transformer, another meter was installed at the input to the furnace transformer itself, while a third meter was installed at the input to the power factor correction capacitor bank.

After the 12-hour drive (round trip) our field engineer said he was able to obtain very useful data from the monitors and it is being analyzed to present to our client. The furnace transformer issue will be resolved after the analysis.