Power System Studies & Analysis

Wells Engineering has a solid reputation for delivering solution-based results.

What are the requirements for optimal design & operation of power systems studies & analysis? The optimal design and operation of power systems require the appropriate engineering, planning, and studies to evaluate the system’s performance, reliability, safety, and economics. Studies are effective tools for accurate equipment selection and optimal power systems operation.

At Wells Engineering, we take pride in our complex problem-solving abilities.  We develop this expertise through an institutionalized approach of theory and hands-on applications that solidifies a firm foundation for all other engineering services activities throughout our organization.  Wells Engineering provides planning and study services, power system studies, and load flow and short circuit analysis, for power system generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization customer networks.  The core principles of our organization are substantiated with the use of the highest standards and industry best practices.  These principles are well represented through the sound judgment of our professional engineering staff and delivered to our customers through our engineering and consulting analysis services.

What is the best software for studying power systems?

Power system studies and analysis engineering software is an excellent tool for studying power systems but should not be used as a substitute for knowledge and experience.  Wells utilizes many commercially available software packages and backs those tools with some of the most experienced individuals in the industry, across several applications.  We would appreciate an opportunity to demonstrate our analysis proficiencies with your next project. Contact us today to learn more about power system studies, and load flow and short circuit analysis.


Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Short Circuit Analysis Equipment Evaluation Analysis Coordination Analysis Load Flow Analysis Power Factor Correction Harmonic Analysis Cable Ampacity Analysis Motor Starting Analysis Power Quality Analysis Voltage Flicker Analysis Insulation Coordination Analysis Switching Transient Analysis Generator Stability Analysis Ground Mat Analysis Grounding and Bonding Study DC Power System Analysis Project Feasibility Studies